“Confetti & Tassels” forthcoming at Cotton Xenomorph

“The Taming” Berfrois, 2019, online

“Three ArmsJoyland Magazine, The South, 2018, online, included in the 2018 Wigleaf Top 50

“Elementary” Jellyfish Review, 2018, online, nominated for the Pushcart Prize

“How to Write a Letter” The Rational Online, 2017, online

Ring of Salt” (b)OINK, 2017, online, included in Best Small Fictions 2018

A Certain Woman” Third Point Press, 2017, online

A Vast Universe Whiskeypaper, 2017, online, semifinalist of Best Small Fictions 2018

“The Sandwich” Pithead Chapel, 2016, online

“Sky So Blue” Split Lip Magazine, 2016, online, longlisted for the Wigleaf Top 50 Short Fictions for 2017